The 4-1-1 is a productivity tool that drives your goal setting from the desired end results to the present. 4-1-1 stands for four weeks, one month, and one year; but you must first set the yearly goals and then detail monthly and weekly goals. It is not a to-do list; it’s a have-to-do list.


1-3-5 is a goal tracker: Choose 1 goal, you brainstorm 3 priorities to achieve your 1 goal. Next, build 5 strategies to implement your 3 priorities. If your strategy is to acquire more listings, a strategy could be cold calling leads, contacting FSBOs, or door knocking. Define which actions are needed to carry out the strategy. Use your strategy as a guiding principle to bring your goal closer
G – Commit to accomplishing one big goal.
P – Identify three priorities that will help you to achieve your one big thing. S – Determine five strategies that will help you to accomplish your three priorities.


Associate Leadership Council. A group of individuals drawn from the Top 20% of Market Center producers.

Allied Resources

People in a position to help each other reach their goals. These are individuals you have met that you expect either to do business with or to receive leads from every year.

Big Rocks

If you are given a glass, different materials, large rocks, small rocks, pebbles, sand, water; fit into the glass in different ways. By
putting water first, then sand, then pebbles, then small rocks, then big rocks, you would fit less material. But if you put the big rocks in first, etc., you can fit more materials into your glass.

MREA (aka The RED Book, aka The Bible)

Essential economic budgetary, organizational, and lead generation models that are foundations of any high-achiever’s business Book “The Millionaire Real Estate Agent” By Gary Keller with Dave Jenkins and Jay Papasan


Gross Commission Income. The total amount of commission dollars the Market Center receives from a transaction.

Profit Share

Amount of Market Center profit that is sent to KWRI for distribution to the appropriate Associate in the Profit Share Tree.

Growth Share

Residual income paid to Keller Williams associates who help grow the company outside the United States and Canada.

The Model

The process set forth by Keller Williams Realty International that describes the guidelines to be followed for the successful launch and profitable operation of a Market Center.


The monthly process through which the Market Center closes their
books and sends their information to KWRI. Transmittals are due by
the 3rd business day of the following month. Market Centers
transmitting late are assessed a late transmittal fee of $100 per day. This late charge is never waived. Successful transmittal is a critical task for the Market Center leadership team.


The Keller Personality Assessment (KPA) is a comprehensive personality tool that brings a complete understanding on an individual – encompassing not only how a person behaves but how they THINK.

The One Thing

What is the one thing you can do this week such that by doing it everything else would be easier or unnecessary? Sometimes it’s the only thing you do. But it’s always the ONE Thing that delivers extraordinary results. Book: “The One Thing”: By Gary Keller with Jay Papasan


An agent who joins Keller Williams is refered to as an associate because they are treated lake a stakeholder in an interdependent business model


An individual who produces sufficient GCI and contributes enough Company Dollar to the Market Center to satisfy his/her annual commission Cap requirement. After capping, the individual keeps all commission income.

Company Dollar

The money the Market Center keeps after all the agents are paid their commissions. The Market Center uses these funds to pay bills and to make a profit.

Fill The Bucket

During team meetings, you might recognize an individual who has helped you by going above and beyond their job description—
you might “fill their bucket.”

Market Center

Keller Williams Realty beleives that success in real estate occurs out in the marketplace, not in an office. It is the Keller Williams philosophy that everything we do, even down to the name we give our sales offices, should reflect our philosophy. Hence, Keller Williams has “Market Centers” … not offices.