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New Tech From FR 2023

NEW Tech Available Now!

New Login Screen

If you haven’t noticed, one of the new updates is a new refreshed look to the Command login screen with the new KW tagline “Where Entrepreneurs Thrive”

Open Command

Refreshed Look for Command Home Screen

New colors & widgets! There are 4 new buttons at the top that bring you right into the leads and contacts that have shown recent activity or have upcoming bdays/anniversaries. There is also a new profit share widget to check out.

Customize Your Home Page Here

Digital Business Card

In the Command App, we now have a new digital business card. The biggest feature in this digital business card is a QR code that you can present to potential leads and contacts, but it also displays your phone number and email address

Access Your Digital Business Card

Auto-Create Print and Social Designs

In Command, you now have the ability to auto-create an entire suite of print or social listing designs, all in one easy-to-use workflow.

Start Using Auto-Create Now

New Notification Center

Inside Command, once you see that you have a notification, you can open Command to view and manage these notifications, with the ability to mark as read, mark as unread, and to fully delete.

View & Manage Notifications

Customize Your Notifications Settings

In Command, we have several notifications that will let you know when something important happens, so that you can take action. There are three types of notifications: Desktop In-App, Mobile In-App & Mobile Push

Customize Your Notifications

Lead Management

All agents now have the ability to utilize lead management in Command to apply Auto-tags and to auto assign to Smartplans, when a new lead comes in to your personal Command account

Create A Lead Route

Featured Listings are now displayed on your KW app as well as your Agent Site. This is a great way to promote your listings and ensure they have the proper visibility.

Select Your Featured Listings

Neighborhood Nurture Refresh

The Neighborhood Nurture email got a refresh and now shows for stats and info. The refresh also now directs the consumer directly to your agent site when they click!

Get Started With SmartPlans

Neighborhood Pulse

Now on your agent site, when a consumer is logged in, they can follow neighborhoods and stay up to date on the latest activity in those areas by checking the ‘Neighborhood Pulse’

Set Up Your Agent Site

All New Connect in Command

The new Connect includes traditional course content, on-demand training, training articles, how to videos, and much more

Get Started with Connect
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NEW Tech Coming Soon!

AI-Powered Paid Ads

Generate more leads for less! Google Adwords, Instagram, Facebook, & Tik Tok! Dynamic Ads and retargeting coming soon!

View The Slide!

Reimagined Agent Sites

• Expand your reach
• More lead generation tools
• Create customized content
focused on delivering value

Watch The Video

Home Ownership: Home Valuation

• Top requested features
• Drives differentiation
• Deepens client relationships • Provides continual value

View The Slide!

Import Your Phone Contacts

Command App

• The easiest way to import your phone contacts into Command

• Import all your phone contacts or select a subset

View The Slide!
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Recorded Sessions

Vision Speech

Family Reunion gets better every year, and 2023 kept that streak alive as agents and leaders from all over the world came to celebrate 40 years of Keller Williams.

Watch Now

Keynote Speaker – Ed Mylett

Ed Mylett was this year’s Keynote speaker at Family Reunion 2023. Ed is an entrepreneur, business coach, author, and motivational speaker who specializes in peak performance. In his powerful address, agents and leaders were reminded that their past does not define their ability to be successful.

Watch Now
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Video Library

Master Your New Model and Your New Math | Family Reunion 2023

Believe That You Can be Successful | Family Reunion 2023

Believe That You Can be Successful | Family Reunion 2023

Charge the Storm with Keller Williams

Elevate Your Brand, Generate Leads and Maximize Profitability with Keller Williams Agent Sites

Revolutionizing Real Estate with Cutting-Edge Technology | Keller Williams’ Tech Vision

Adjust For Success in a Shift | Family Reunion 2023

Know The Numbers That Drive U.S. Real Estate | Family Reunion 2023

1 Out of 5 Home Sales With Keller Williams | Family Reunion 2023

Educate Buyers and Sellers About Mortgage Rates | Family Reunion 2023

Write More Contracts With Command | Family Reunion 2023

Keller Williams – A Real Estate Company on the Move

Keller Williams Keynote Speech With Ed Mylett! | Family Reunion 2023

Get Real Estate Leads With YouTube | Family Reunion 2023

Tomorrowland, The Future of Real Estate Technology | Family Reunion 2023

Manage Your Business Anywhere With the Command App

Top Real Estate Teams use Command

Save Time, Save Money and Get More Leads With Command

Family Reunion 2023 | Keller Williams Official Recap

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Breakout Session Notes

Tomorrowland: The Future of KW Tech

with: Chris Cox & Matt Green

Technology holds the key to a thriving future for everyone in our industry, and it’s especially important as you look to maintain your competitive edge while protecting your bottom line. Come learn about KW’s technology vision and the cutting edge ways KW will help you earn your unfair share in the years ahead.

Download Cameron’s Notes

More Notes Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

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Free Downloads

Good news! You can now access the facts and figures that were beamed to the FR stage screens, as well as the stunning infographics that were created in real time by world-renowned graphic recorder, Wade Forbes. Click below to leverage these invaluable resources and reminisce on our best Family Reunion yet!

Charge the Storm – Leadership in a Shift

After one of the longest periods of abundance the real estate industry has ever experienced, it’s time to see who has what it takes to hang on to success and who will lose their grip. Revisit the slides from Gary Keller’s Charge the Storm session to lead your team through the shift and thrive on the other side.

Download Now

Charge the Storm Session Illustration

Download Wade Forbes’ interpretation of the content presented during Charge the Storm – Leadership in a Shift.

Download Now

State of Our Company 2023

See where Keller Williams is heading from 2023 to 2025 and beyond with the annual State of Our Company presentation. Joined on stage by Mo Anderson, Marc King, and other KW luminaries, Gary Keller introduced the world to KW’s Thrive ‘25 mission: to create more real estate millionaires than the industry has ever seen.

Download Now

State of Our Company Session Illustration

Download Wade Forbes’ interpretation of the content presented during State of Our Company 2023.

Download Now

Vision Speech 2023

Gain a clear view of what the real estate market is likely to do in 2023 with Gary Keller’s Vision Speech. Joined on stage by Jason Abrams, Jay Papasan, and Ruben Gonzalez, Keller discusses home sales, prices, inventory, inflation, buyer and seller trends, and more.

Download Now
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The KW Codebook

The “How You Do It” page lists actions that help you grow and run your business. Each is assigned a number. These numbers are associated with corresponding Tech Plays that show you how to per- form each action in Command.

When you perform the Tech Plays in your preferred order, you end up with your very own CODE to grow and run your business.

The Command Codebook is Here!

Download Now!
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The Playbooks

The playbooks are designed to provide you with the models and systems for each of the following:

Open House, Newsletters, Online Leads, Mortgage Hacks, Seminars, Social Media & 72 Sold

as well as walk you through the system step by step.

Open House

Download Now


Download Now

Online Leads

Download Now

Mortgage Hacks

Download Now


Download Now

Social Media

Download Now


Download Now
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